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  • forest & woodlands

    Roughly 28% of Türkiye is covered in forests. Among Türkiye’s protected nature reserves are forests and woodlands that are home to delicate ecosystems of plants and animals, and Camili Efeler Forest is considered the most untouched forest in Türkiye. There are forests at all altitudes in Türkiye, from sea level to the high mountains. Belgrade Forest is the most prominent in İstanbul, with deciduous trees including oak, beech and chestnut trees, historic reservoirs, and hiking paths. The Ibradi-Akseki Forests in the Antalya city receive a high amount of precipitation, with an attendant number of endemic plant species. The forest is mostly juniper, cedar, and pine trees, and contains Altınbeşik Cave and a deep lake. Yenice Forests in the Karabük city contain Nature Protection Zones which aim to preserve the incredible biodiversity of this dense, unspoiled forest. İğneada Floodplain Forests National Park in the Marmara region covers 7800 acres and contains marshes, swamps, lakes, and coastal sand dunes. Ash, oak, alder, maple, and beech are the most prominent tree varieties in the forest. Evergreen pines and eucalyptus perfume the air at Karabucak Forest in Mersin city, which has become a popular picnic spot.