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  • the agriculture areas

    In terms of agricultural lands, Türkiye is also one of the largest countries in the world. About 35.5% of the country are arable lands and 15% consists of forests. The cultivated land is around 23,7 million hectares.

    Farming and agriculture are a huge part of the Turkish economy and culture, and wide swaths of the country are dedicated to it. The main crop in Türkiye is wheat, and 76% of the total agricultural production goes towards growing vegetables.

    Many of the large agricultural regions are around İzmir, Konya, and Adana, and the Black Sea region is known for its high-quality tea production. Driving through the Turkish countryside takes you past acres and acres of farmland, rollicking and verdant and growing.

    Konya is the one of the most important agriculture cities of Türkiye. The city has 10% of Türkiye's total agricultural production. Konya, with its 2.6 million hectares of agricultural land, constitutes a very important ratio of 11.2% of the country's total agricultural area. 2.659.890 hectares of the total area of the province is suitable for agriculture.

    Konya is the city with the most flour factories in Türkiye. 25% of Türkiye's sugar production is done in four sugar factories in Konya. 65% of the country's total salt production also takes place in Konya.

    Agricultural Exports Assets of Türkiye: Hazelnuts, pistachio, figs, dried raisins and apricot, pulses, tobacco, citrus, pome and stone fruits, melons, vegetables, tomato products, cut flowers, processed food, poultry meat, cereals, cotton, tea.