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  • top 10 natural wonders
    of Türkiye


    Cappadocia’s distinct “fairy chimney” rock formations make this region one of the most iconic in Türkiye. The soft stone has been warped by time into wild shapes, and the austere, surreal landscape is perfect for hiking.


    Snow-white thermal pools of travertine rise out of the ground at Pamukkale, which means “cotton castle.” The water is turquoise and warm, spilling slowly down the mountain.

    Valla Canyon (Kastamonu)

    Türkiye’s second-deepest canyon has dramatic gorges and a rushing turquoise river. Its dramatic topography makes it an exciting place for trekking.

    Yerköprü Waterfall (Konya)

    The dramatic Yerköprü Waterfall on the Göksu River was formed by a landslide that eventually formed a layer of travertine. There is a cave with stalactites and stalagmites and walkways to observe the falls.

    Butterfly Valley

    Dramatic cliffs part to reveal a canyon and the turquoise Mediterranean at the striking Butterfly Valley. An unusually large number of butterfly species can be found here, which gives the valley its name.

    Kaçkar Mountains

    Located in the lush northeast of Türkiye, the Kaçkar Mountains rise above the Black Sea and abut the border with Georgia. It’s a popular place for hiking and mountaineering.


    Also known as Seven Lakes, Yedigöller boasts lush forests, hiking trails, and the seven lakes that lend the place its name.

    Lake Salda (Burdur)

    This stunning crater lake in the southwestern part of the country has deep blue water rimmed by crisp white sand. There are designated beaches for swimming, but otherwise, the delicate nature of the lake is protected.

    Ulubey Canyon

    This is the second longest canyon in the world, after the USA’s Grand Canyon. Many species of plants and animals can be found in the canyon.

    Mount Ida

    Separating the Marmara and the Aegean regions, Mount Ida is known for its fresh air, unique plants and wildlife, and the lush Şahin River.