colourful breakfast

Breakfast is the true definition of happiness in Türkiye and there is even a famous Turkish poet who swears by it! The Turkish breakfast culture is rich and varied. Although the ingredients may vary slightly depending on the region, at its core the typical Turkish breakfast offers the best of fresh local produce.  

You can try all kinds of cheeses from fresh to aged, jams from organic fruits and vegetables, premium quality black and green olives and plenty of extra virgin olive oil to drizzle on your bread, free-range eggs as boiled or omelettes with sucuk (spicy sausage), freshly harvested herbs and leafy vegetables, spicy breakfast sauces such as acuka, honey with endemic flowers from the highlands of Artvin, fried and baked pastries such as Pişi bread, Vakfıkebir sourdough bread from Trabzon, or different types of börek (flaky savoury pastry with various fillings). Round it all with a Black Sea specialty: mıhlama, made with a generous amount of fragrant butter, local kolot cheese, and flour. 

What drink to enjoy your five-star breakfast with? A cup of freshly brewed Turkish black tea or a cup of Turkish coffee to help wake you up for the long day ahead! Indeed, the word “breakfast” in Turkish, namely kahvaltı, is a combination of the words “coffee” (kahve) and under or before (altı)!