go shop local

Street markets are one of the best places to find fresh, organic produce and handmade arts. They are also a great place to meet local artisans and farmers.

Visit the towns and villages of the  Turkaegean to buy the most delicious olives and olive oil products grown in this region. Urla is famous for its gastronomy and especially for its locally produced wines. Urla’s earthly delights, the endemic grapes of the area, Bornova Misketi and Urla Karası are popular in Urla, İzmir. Another local delicacy of Urla bazaars is artichokes. Freshly harvested in the springtime, the bazaars offer the best herbs and artichokes.

Tire and Birgi are a few of many large and quaint villages with historical significance of the Turkaegean. The cobblestone village streets are home to the bazaars every Monday (Birgi) and Tuesday (Tire) where locals sell the week’s freshest harvest. Shop among the historic stone houses and feel like a local here.

Shopping at street markets is a great way to support the local economies hence keeping tourism sustainable for the villages. By buying directly from the farmer, you minimize your carbon footprint and show respect for the environment. Talented local women can contribute to their households, and you have the opportunity to taste the most exclusive regional Turkish dishes and find authentic handmade gifts.