office with a view

A laptop, pen, paper, and portable internet. Here are the items you need to turn any place into an office these days. But, why settle for any office while you can have one with a breathtaking view? 

In Türkiye, you will find many as such. By the coast, up on a cliff, or down on the sandy beach… Thousand years old ancient cities, unique bays hidden between forests, turquoise seas, dynamic people, big cities; Türkiye has it all! In addition, this beautiful country is one of the biggest countries of the world in terms of economy and business, with strong infrastructure services. If you are a digital nomad, Türkiye will offer you the best options! 

Mount Ida, located in the northern Turkaegean, attracts all nature and history enthusiasts with its location. Situated close to the ancient city of Troy and offering a beautiful scenery, fresh air, and densely populated with Turkish pine trees, Mount Ida will be your new office.