sleeping under the stars

Imagine gathering around the campfire, playing the guitar and singing at the top of your lungs, chatting with friends late into the night, and falling asleep under a million stars while the summer breeze gently caresses your skin and the waves of the Mediterranean wash you ashore. And when the morning comes, forget about alarm clocks and wake-up calls! Here, in the middle of nature, you will be woken up by chirping birds, gentle waves of the sea, and if you are lucky, even by a curious goat licking your face! Need a morning shower? Just jump in the sea for a refreshing start to the day. 

Camping in the Mediterranean is indeed a joyful experience. There are countless pristine beaches, coves, and forests where you can discover all shades of green and blue. Some of the top camping spots in the Mediterranean include Olympos, Kabak Cove, and Kaş. 

If you are a true nature enthusiast, you can choose from a variety of activities. Hike the Lycian Way, visit the ancient city of Olympos to immerse yourself in history, rent a caravan to take a road trip along the coast, dive down to discover the extraordinary world of marine life, or dive deep down underground into the breathtaking caves for a unique adventure.