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  • Eco Life & Nature GoTürkiye

    Grand mountain ranges at the Mediterranean and the Black Sea Coasts, thousands of big and small lakes, hundreds of national parks and gardens, about five hundred blue flag beaches and hidden bays…

    the agriculture areas

    In terms of agricultural lands, Türkiye is also one of the largest countries in the world. About 35.5% of the country are arable lands and 15% consists of forests. The cultivated land is around 23,7 million hectares.

    the mountains &
    mountain ranges

    Türkiye is a mountainous country, with mountain ranges in nearly every region.

    park & gardens

    Cities and towns throughout Türkiye are dotted with public parks and gardens. Some are lush and manicured, others are smaller and quiet, but all serve as green lungs in populated locations.

    forest & woodlands

    Roughly 28% of Türkiye is covered in forests. Among Türkiye’s protected nature reserves are forests and woodlands that are home to delicate ecosystems of plants and animals.

    national parks

    There are 44 National Parks in Türkiye, which aim to protect the diverse natural wonders in the country.

    volcanic & geothermal

    There are 15 volcanoes in Türkiye, of which some are active, and some are extinct.

    rural Türkiye

    The most tranquil and attracted areas of türkiye’s countryside.

    Türkiye's geography
    and geology

    Türkiye is a vast, diverse country, and that is reflected in the geography and geology of the Anatolia!

    top 10 natural wonders
    of Türkiye

    Türkiye has many natural wonders, but we chose the top 10 for you!

    the bird observation places

    Birdwatching is an engrossing activity in Türkiye, with over 465 species of birds in the country, many of which are specific to their geographical region.

    the natural landscapes
    and islands

    The wide variety of natural landscapes have shaped the culture of Türkiye. From the surreal rock formations of Cappadocia to the dramatic Anatolian mountains to verdant farmlands and natural hot springs, the topography of the country has shaped the people around it.

    the beaches and coasts

    With the Aegean Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Sea of Marmara, and the Black Sea all bordering Türkiye, there is a wealth of coasts and beaches all throughout the country.

    the lakes and streams

    Türkiye is lush with lakes, streams, and wetlands, which keep the land fertile and fresh. Snow melts off the high mountains and rushes down to the many valleys and gorges in Anatolia, and feeds into freshwater lakes.